Monday, May 2, 2011

Treatment 2nd Draft

"Operation Black Bay"
Set two years later from the original story, Marcus is sitting in his room reading a huge screen that takes up his entire bedroom wall, he is scrolling through many windows and files and suddenly a message pops up

It's two years since Marcus was freed from the DHS, and he gets a message over the still existing Xnet. The sender claims to be an important governmental figure who needs help to overcome the DHS again. Marcus becomes interested although he knows he shouldn't be, and responds asking how the sender wants help and what the DHS is doing. The sender replies that the DHS leaders have a plot to asassinate the president and take over, turning the country back into a military state. Marcus is shocked and decides to help right away. The sender gives him somewhere to wait in the city to meet up, and when Marcus arrives there, a towncar is waiting for him. He gets into the towncar and it drives him to a secret tunnel that leads under the Bay, and into a hidden safehouse. When he is finally greeted in the safehouse, Marcus is shocked to find out that the sender is the President of the United States himself.
Marcus and the President form a plan to infiltrate the DHS's system and find out what the exact assasination plan is so they can expose the DHS to the media, and the President can formally accuse them of treachery. Marcus hacks into the system and as they search they do not find anything. They are disappointed and decide to give up when suddenly Marcus falls upon a plan in the system called "Operation Black Bay". As they read the plan, they discover that the attack is planned for later that day, on the fortress under the bay. Suddenly one of the secret service members bursts in and tells them they are under attack and they need to take a secret exit out. They climb up the secret exit straight into a submarine that is on the bottom of the bay. Marcus has a chip that has the DHS's plan on it and goes straight to Barbara who is now a billionare for her first story about the DHS. They publish it and the President proves that the DHS was trying to kill him.

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