Sunday, May 8, 2011


The basis of my movie is that Marcus gets brainwashed after he gets captured by the DHS. After being brainwashed, Marcus turns into an obedient and studious teenager. All of his friends are perplexed by his new behavior and eventually figure out that the DHS brainwashed him. Darryl figures out a way for Marcus to regain his memory. Once Marcus returns to his original rebellious self, him and his friends figure out a way to get revenge on the DHS.

The underlying message of my film relates to the idea that schools restrict the amount of freedom and creativity that teenagers can have. In my movie, Marcus ended up being brainwashed because he ditched school to have fun and participate in a recreational activity. However, he was caught and brainwashed by the DHS and turned into a tame and devoted student. In today's society, it is almost impossible to become successful if you are not studious. Competition among teenagers and students to get accepted by noted universities is at an all time high. It is almost as students are subconsciously being brainwashed into becoming robots that are mostly dedicated to school and education.

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