Monday, May 2, 2011


Scene 1

It’s simply a scene showing a peaceful land, with small villages , happy people and fear completely out of the picture. But then a a savage mob with the crest of the queen coming to ransack the village. Marcus (the hero) stops and kills all the mob protecting the village

Scene 2

Marcus sees that there is a big problem and wants to put a stop to the oppression of the queen. He goes into the village and tries to round up mighty warriors brave enough to fight the queen and put an end to the fear and pain the people face throughout the lands.

Scene 3

Marcus unsuccessful in his efforts to recruit brave warriors to march to the queen leaves alone to fight the queen. On his way he encounters hordes and hordes of monsters, cursed knights, and undead all with the emblem of the queen. Encounter after encounter Marcus remained victorious in his epic battles. However in one battle he suffers a severe injury and is forced to return to the home.


Scene 4

After going back to his home in the woods he returns yet again to the village trying once more to recruit noble brave warriors in his fight for freedom of the queen. Marcus is yet again unsuccessful. He then prepares for battle again, this time weaker and knowing that he will not return. The people plead for him to stay, and all he replies is with a look of disappointment, and marches on.

Scene 5

As Marcus is off fighting for the freedom of the lands, word spreads from village to village of his brave and valiant efforts. This begins to stir the hearts of many of the other great champions of the land. It ranged from warriors, to rogues, archers, mages, warlocks, and healers and spread throughout the races of the gnomes, elves , dwarfs and humans.

Scene 6

Marcus encounters a large mob of elite undead that he knows he will not be able to defeat. Regardless, Marcus charges into battle with a battle shout that is heard for hundreds of miles that gives the queen a human chill. During the battle he is struck with multiple arrows impairing him. An elite commander walks up to Marcus exhausted and on his knees to deliver a fatal blow.


Scene 7

Just as the elite commander raises his axe, an arrow flies from out of the scene and Marcus looks at the hill and a lone archer stands there. And one by one champion throughout the lands appears ready for battle. The champions charge with yells that fill the undead with fear causing them to retreat.

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