Monday, May 2, 2011

Screen Play

Marcus sits in a hotel room on a bed with his head resting in his hands which are resting on his knees. His eyes twitch back and forth slightly, his face conveys that his life is about to change forever. Ange comes out of the bathroom dressed in an elegant black dress, with jewelry to complete it. She looks puzzled at him and asks what’s the matter. He remains silent. She sits down next to him and puts her arm around him and lays her head on his shoulder. She says, "This is what we have to do, it is time to end this all. We need to send a message out to all of the US citizens and people everywhere." Marcus mutters, "I know, it’s just that I am nervous". Ange says "Don't worry, just stick to the plan and it all work out fine, the escape route is fine and we have the element of surprise." Marcus says “You’re right". He stands and says "Tonight we end this war, tonight we take back our country, tonight we send out a message to the public to take back control of our government, and tonight we will kill the president..."
Marcus finishes dressing and he and Ange go down in front of the hotel where a limousine is waiting for them. They get in and head directly towards the gala. The plan was simple; a silenced gun had been planted earlier in the bathroom. All Marcus had to do was waiting for the President to go to the bathroom, he had to the gala was 5 hours long, and take out the president and his right hand man.
They arrived to the gala and verified that they on the guest list. They walked in and found their seats. The gala was uneventful; it was commemorating the President’s decision to heighten security all around the nation and to celebrate his birthday. Eventually, the President had to take care of business, thus he made his way over to the bathroom with his right hand man. Now was the time for Marcus to make his move. He was posing as a European diplomat and had no problem going into the bathroom with the president. The gun had been stashed in the toilet top; Marcus dislodged it and opened it from the plastic bag that it was kept in. He had only two shots, so he better make it count. He moved into position and cocked back the gun. He thought for a second what this would be accomplishing, why he was doing this and what repercussions would happen. All of this was going through his head when he pulled the trigger, both shots hit their target and the deed was done. He deposited the gun into the stall and walked out nonchalantly. He met up with Ange and made their way into the kitchen where they changed into chef clothing and walked out the back door. It was over; the plan had been carried out. Was it moral, was it just, will it help? None of these questions were answered. Marcus will have to wait to see if the message sank into the public mind. Will it cause change?

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