Monday, May 2, 2011

Pitch Second Look

In this script we will be focusing on the main storyline with some plot twists. The main point of this retelling of little brother is to make Marcu seem to really care about his friends and hopefully get the viewers emotionally attached to Marcus. This will hopefully make the ending more painful and heartfelt. In doing this I hope to make Marcus into a more likable character unlike his normal annoying arrogant self.

Act 1:
Marcus and gang are walking around using his Phone to find a Wifi hot spot. In the background the Bay bridge is collapsing as a loud bomb echoes throughout the city. They end up running towards the train station as load speakers broadcast the attack. In the crowded streets Darryl is stabbed. He lies their gasping for air. As the people are slowly dispersing Marcus goes into a panic trying to get help. Patrol cars and fire trucks are zooming by. Marcus jumps out on the street fearless because of all the adrenaline. At the last second he comes to his senses and all he can do is shut his eyes in terror of the oncoming car.

Act 2:
Marcus opens his eyes. Amazed by his luck and remembering that Daryl is dying he yells out for help. Armed men come out of the car and place a sac on his head and pulls him away. He regains his vision when he is in the back of a truck. Asking about Daryl only provokes the guards to bash him over the head with the butt of the gun. He lays there until he is eventually taken to a jail cell.

Act 3:
The scenes are becoming more jumpy. Scenes are flashing in and out. We see the scene where he talks to the DHS lady. They talk about his phone and about Daryl. She denies him any rights etc.. He is brought back to his cell. Flashes to him unlocking his phone and being let free. Flashes to XNet and operation false positive. Flashes to circle of friends. Flashes to going to his parents and the press. Flashes to the Vamp mob. Flashes to him being back in the jail cell. He is now being taken back out to be tortured. As he is being drowned his tears mix with the water. When the police bust in and save him. All he can say is where are his friends.

Act 4:
His eyes open from the point of view of Marcus. He sees lights. He is with Ange. There they talk about how he became a terrorist. (quotes will be taken from the book). He talks to Ange saying how he is happy that everything was for a good cause. He is happy to be with her and is happy that Daryl is okay and that all his friends were able to survive this hell. He smiles and cries because he is overjoyed. Scene ends zooming into Marcus’ face. (Eyes closed crying with a smile)

Act 5:
The scene fades out from Marcus’ face. We are in a hospital. Marcus is lying in the hospital bed. His parents are by his side. Marcus lying there hooked up to machines. On his face he has a smile and is crying. The doctor gives a disapproving nod. Marcus' parents cry. Scene goes into darkness. Green lines (hospital heartbeat) it comes to a straight line and a long beeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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