Monday, May 9, 2011

LB Machinima

For my machinima screenplay, I decided to stick with my original idea of following Masha's untold story and twisting it up with having her trying to expose the DHS but eventually get caught as a result of Ange turning her in after a scandalous love interest develops between Masha and Marcus. I did manage to cut down the amount of time my movie would have actually taken by taking out a lot of the petty details that would not have mattered in my movie. Also, I chose to stick with my original idea because even though it did not have any "deeper meaning" to it, I felt that I was really interested in the plot of my story and that I wrote a much better screenplay than I would have had I followed a different path. Below is a link to my website that contains all of my worksheets and other machinima assignments including the final screenplay.

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