Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bitstrip Comic

This is my Bitstrip comic I made for chapters 1-5. It shows when Marcus asks for help on the street and is then taken in by the Department of Homeland Security. Marcus is questioned and refuses to answer but he soon gives in. I thought it was pretty funny because he was so persistent to keep his freedom and not tell them the password but the instant they give him a real threat he caves. And oh yeah, he pees himself....


This is my bitstrip that I created. It's the scene right before the beginning of chapter seven. Marcus feels the SFPD following him, assuming they are the DHS. I found this part to be sort of humerous because he makes it seem like he's the only one who can feel when he is being watched. So, instead of incoporating only two SFPD members, I included a hoard of them - with weapons, to create some humor. In the end, Marcus never notices them because he never turns around.