Wednesday, May 4, 2011

scene by scene

scene 1: Charles is in an argument with Marcus about what the school computers should be used for, Charles is threatening Marcus with telling on him that he is using the computer for other stuff than school(although he knows that Marcus has everything hidden on there and could never get caught). Marcus says fine do it. Charles says he will, with no intention of doing so.

scene2: Charles is in his room a week after the attacks on the Xnet playing games and chatting with other X netters. The topic of choice is all the increased security. Charles thinks to himself about the school day 2 days when Marcus came back but Daryl wasn't with him, he can only assume the worst. It is this night that Charles decides to change is vigilante attempts from regular crime fighting to figuring out what the DHS is up too. Charles starting putting the plan in motion deciding that the first mission will have to be mainly surveillance so he can learn the in and outs of the place.

Scene 3: Charles is at the secret DHS jail equipped with only a go pro helmet cam and a long lens camera as well. For the most party Charles keeps his distance when walking around snapping pictures. In one of the pictures he thinks that he says his way in. So Charles creeps over to inspect further. Upon further inspection Charles notices a sewage pipe that could be his way in. there are 2 problems, 1 the guards and 2 the drain empties off a cliff making getting to it no easy task.

Scene 4: Charles is back in his room on the X net talking with his new crush CuTiE69. CuTiE69 is an expert hacker and currently she and Charles are trying to hack through the government files to get the blue prints of the secret jail. After several hours of hard core hacking the finally get the blue prints. They spend several more hours flirting over the internet.

Scene5: Charles suits up, and gathers his gear for mission. When Charles gets there he sets up his gear to repel down the mountain. A bird poops on him. He makes it to the pipe it's in reality only like 6 feet below the cliff. In the sewer rats scurry away and Charles makes his way down the pipe filled with sewage from the jail. Charles busts through and finally gets into the building. He finds himself in a empty interrogation room and decides to climb into the vent so he can go about the jail undetected. Of course he is filming the whole time. With much effort he fits into the air vent , squeezes through about 10 feet of the vent then suddenly goes crashing through. Now he finds himself in another interrogation room where Daryl is being interrogated by severe haircut lady. An epic battle commences and eventually Daryl and Charles escape.

Scene 6: Charles takes Daryl home and then Daryl and his dad tell the police everything that happened and they go arrest the DHS. Charles gets on the X net to tell CuTiE69 about everything that happened. She's really proud of him asks him to come over so they can meet in real life. He gets there... it's a dude.

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