Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Screenplay


Scene 1: The scene begins with the middle eastern world leaders talking with the world leaders from another planet. They are discussing how they can take down the U.S.A and colonize them the way they want. Every country in the world has been taken over by this new world except America, and this new world has been unable to do so due to the strong American government. They realize they need help, so they ask America's enemy to assist them in taking down the U.S.A.
Other world leader: So, world leader of Iran, I hope you can execute your part of the plan.
Iran leader: Yes I am aware of your efforts. We can finally achieve what we have wanted on Earth for so long: every single person with the same religious beliefs and same political views.
Other world leader: Excellent.
Iran Leader: I just have a question.
Other World Leader: Yes?
Iran Leader: What if we fail?
Other World Leader: We won’t. I’m sure of it.

Scene 2: In this scene we are introduced to our protagonist, Charles. The scene takes place at his high school where he is being lectured by his teacher about current events. The conversation quickly shifts to the situation between this other world, the middle east, and America, which Americans are aware of.
Teacher: Class, what are your thoughts on the situation?
Charles: We need to fight back, Mrs. Smith.
Teacher: we are entering a battle that we cannot win. Compromise is the answer here.
Charles: Compromise what?
Teacher: Compromise American Values.
Charles: What?!
Teacher: We can’t win. So let’s not lose.
Charles: You don’t love your country.
Teacher: Charles, at some point you have to realize what kind of fight we are in here. America will be taken over soon.
Charles: I won't allow it. (Leaves the room)

Scene 3: Charles is seen in an outdoor setting with his closest friends, telling them how ridiculous his teacher was in class. He persuades them to agree with him, and then tries to work out a plan that will end any threat of America being taken over.
Charles: Mrs. Smith was being so unreasonable in class today. She wants to throw all of America's values out the window.
Lance: It is literally us against the world, plus another world. it's time for us to join the rest of the world.
Tanya: most Americans have accepted the fact that this country will be taken over eventually.
Charles: Americans shouldn't just give up without a fight. I have a plan.
Lance and Tanya: OK.
Charles: We need to find a way to get one country to revolt with us.
Tanya: OK...
Charles: We need to talk with our government.
Lance: I like that idea.
Tanya: I still don’t understand.
Charles: We can’t do it alone. We need to be prepared.
Tanya: So what are we going to say to the government?
Charles: We will convince them to win back the trust of other countries.
Lance: I’m in.
Tanya: This is our last chance.
Charles: Let’s go down swinging.

Scene 4: Back to the other planet. They are discussing their concerns with America's unwillingness to give in to their demands. The leaders of this planet decide that they need to travel to America themselves and take over the government.

#1: What should we do to finish America off?!?
#2: We need to go to America, take over the government, and do everything ourselves.
#1: Alright. Tomorrow we attack America.
#2: I will inform America an attack is coming unless they surrender.

Scene 5: Charles and his friends are having second thoughts on their method of defeating the enemy.

Lance: Can we still execute this plan?
Charles: Yes.
Tanya: How? We are about to be attacked?
Lance: We have to surrender!
Charles: We will surrender. But that doesn’t mean we will lose.
Tanya: Huh?
Charles: We can still be free.
Lance: How?
Charles: We will rebel. If they kill us so be it.
Tanya: That’s crazy.
Lance: That sounds like an American loss.
Charles: No. It will be a win. We will win. To die for a noble cause is a win.

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