Monday, May 2, 2011

0-1...And the wind up...

Lights turn on in the long hallways of The Combine, a cold building with a slightly futuristic warehouse feel. Cut to close-up of Miller's face as he wakes up, then another to him going to do his daily share of "progress for the good of The Combine". During this there's a shaking and loud crashes (earthquake and broken walls). Turns out some of the citizens have seen the outside world, which is said to be radioactive still, for the first time in their lives. Miller find out that Toby, his best friend, was present and they talk about what he saw. Toby says the outside world looked fine, if not better then fine. There is none of the destruction and decay that the leaders had discussed. The next day all people who saw the outside are gone, and the leaders say they have been removed for medical reasons relating to the radiation they experienced. Miller isn’t buying it, it’s all just too sketchy. He sneaks into the leaders only sector of the building and hears that they have killed all those who realized the outside world is fine. The head leader is quoted, "I will not stand by and watch my children become savages addicted to drugs, violence, and promiscuity! We shall protect them from these evils! We will have order!" Miller realizes that to save the rest of the society he must get out and find help. He is caught, however sneaking back into the regular sector, but lies his way out of it claiming to have made a wrong turn on his way home from working for progress. The clock begins, as they are on to him, and he must find a way out immediately. He knows it can’t be long until they realize that he talked to Toby and the come and take him to join his murdered friend. Miller escapes by coordinating other youths, who have likewise been put off by the recent turn in events, to have a dance party that will mask his sawing through the ventilation and getting out. It works as the noise of the party masks his power tools. The last scene begins with Miller reaching the outside world. Then, it cuts to him a long way down a road in the wilderness with a police car slowly pulling up to him. An officer’s voice is clearly heard, "son are you alright?"

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