Sunday, May 1, 2011

Story Pitch

As we zoom in on a tall skyscraper in the middle of a bustling downtown San Francisco, we see a young teenage girl sitting at a cubicle slightly bigger than the rows of cubicles surrounding her. All of those in the room are continuously typing on their keyboards and conversing with each other while being closely watched by a fairly young woman with a severe haircut standing in the doorway to the room. We finally center in on the young girl, Masha, who like the others in the room with her, is a DHS spy. Masha is in charge of XNet Infiltration Operation at the DHS San Francisco department. She was offered the job after being kidnapped and interrogated by Severe Haircut Lady and her “crew” after the Bay Bridge was bombed by terrorists.

After the initial bombing of the Bay Bridge, Masha was picked up by the DHS as a suspected terrorist and kept in a prison on Treasure Island for several weeks. During that time, Severe Haircut Lady and her associates interrogated Masha and tortured her until they decided to take advantage of Masha’s hacking skills and offered her an opportunity to join the DHS and track down other hackers in the city. After a week of arguing with herself whether to accept the offer or not, Masha decided that if she ever wanted to prevent the DHS from doing such things to innocent civilians again, getting on their good side would be the only way. Masha was put in charge of tracking down the leader of the so called XNetters, M1k3y, in order to turn him in to the DHS.

Fast forward to the present - Masha has developed an extensive relationship with M1k3y, a.k.a Marcus, and his girlfriend Ange. Together, the three of them have been inventing multiple ways to throw off the DHS and encouraging others their age to stand up to the DHS. Some of their work included the invention of arphid cloners, a press conference that landed them a future interview with a local reporter named Barbara Stratford, and their final event, the Vamp Mob. Unfortunately, Masha must be extremely careful about her dealings with Marcus and Ange because of how closely Severe Haircut Lady and the DHS keep tabs on their “employees”. Staying under the radar gets even harder for Masha when Ange attempts to expose Masha to the DHS after she develops a love interest in Marcus which Ange discovers through a specially encoded e-mail from Masha to Marcus.

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