Monday, May 2, 2011


Marcus is on a pay-phone speaking to someone in an arabic tone. He says,"mission complete, the DHS is out of the way." The man on the other end is speaking Arabic and the conversation ends with the subtitles "bring death to the infidels". The camera moves to a cave in Afghanistan where Osama Bin Laden is hanging up the phone on "@hm3d". There is a file next to him with Marcus's picture and next to it the codename @hm3d. Underneath details on his mission are written. Marcus, or @hm3d, is back at home on his computer searching "most populated area in Las Vegas". It is soon inferred that Marcus, or @hm3d, is in fact a terrorist. @hm3d is planning a dirty bomb attack against Las Vegas. The DHS needed to be out of the way so that @hm3d and a crew of Islamic extremists could move about with being questioned and caught by the DHS. In the midst of planting the explosives around Las Vegas, @hm3d realizes that even if he carries out the attack, Bin Laden will not risk having an asset who knows his whereabouts in the states. @hm3d realizes he will be killed after the attack, and quickly sabotages the plot against the U.S., confesses to the government his involvement with Al Qaeda, but quickly works out a deal to save himself and give up Bin Laden's whereabouts. @hm3d, who is now Marcus again, proceeds to live a quiet life as a computer programmer.

The main plot of the movie is that Marcus was actually a terrorist the entire time he was fighting against the DHS. He was hired by Al Qaeda to take down the DHS from within the United States. This would then clear the path for Al Qaeda to carry out a terrorist attack on the city of Las Vegas. However, after completing the task of taking down the DHS, Marcus, being paranoid as he is, bugs Osama’s phone and overhears a conversation describing how to kill Marcus after he’s done with his task. Marcus knows that he is going to be killed and decides to intervene against the attack on Las Vegas. After warning the government and thwarting the attack, Marcus decides to settle down and live a normal life. He becomes a full-time computer programmer and moves in with Ange. They live happily ever after.

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