Monday, May 9, 2011

full screenplay

Scene by Scene outline

Four years later, Van, now 21, sitting by herself at Dolores Park looking pensive, a little sad. Sits there for a while, leans against a tall statue of Marcus. She gets up, walks away out of the shot.

Van: He was a hero when he brought the DHS down, no one thought Marcus would turn into the tyrant that he is today. When he started turning into a dictator no one knew what to do. I’m starting to think that it’s time to bring him down and I know exactly how to do it. It’s all just a matter of time.

Van, at a payphone, talking in a distressed tone. She hangs up and walks away.

Van: Guys, I know we can do this. Please just meet up with me tomorrow, it won’t be a waste of time. We’ll make it work. Wait.. really? You guys will? Meet me at the wharf tomorrow at 4, but look discreet. We don’t need to attract any unnecessary attention. I’ll see you guys tomorrow

Early afternoon, on the wharf, Van sitting by herself, Jolu and Darryl walk in, order coffee, look at each other awkwardly and sit down at Van’s table. They look around awkwardly, somewhat concerned, and then start to talk in hushed tones. They sit there all afternoon, planning.

Van: Thanks for coming guys, it really means a lot
Jolu: We didn’t think we’d hear from you again
Darryl: Yeah, it’s been a while.
Van: I’m sorry. I just thought it’d be safer to sort of go MIA after Marcus took over. Speaking of which, I think it’s time that there was another change in power… We need to take Marcus down, and I know exactly how we can do it.
Darryl: Are you insane? That’s a joke, it’s not gonna work out
Van: Not at all, we’re gonna destroy Marcus by destroying the X-net. If we take down the X-net we take down Marcus’s entire empire. Jolu, I’d need your help with making the ultimate X-net virus, and Darryl, you can take care of figuring out a way that we could get Marcus to open the virus.
Jolu: You know, this could actually work; I think we could really do this.
Van: I know! It’ll be a bit of a struggle, but I’m sure we can make it work

Van’s apartment. Van and Jolu at one computer programming. Darryl brings up Ange, how she could possibly be help, that even though they were still together she was starting to distance herself from him. Van tells Darryl to call her immediately so they can get the plan going.

Darryl: You guys, I think I figured out how we can get the X-net virus to Marcus.
Van: That’s awesome! How?
Darryl: Ange. She’s still close with Marcus, but I’ve heard that recently she’s started to distance herself because she can’t deal with him anymore. I think it could work.
Van: That’s awesome! Get in contact with her, but make sure she’s 100% willing to help.
Darryl: Don’t worry I know how to play it.
Darryl walks to a different room in the apartment, dials Ange’s phone number and takes a deep breath. She answers, he hesitates as she says hello. She says hello again and he starts to talk. The conversation is full of hesitations and concern, but Darryl successfully convinces her to join their trio. He gives her the address and says he’ll see her the next day.

Ange: Hello?
Darryl: We’ve heard you’re part of the resistance, but you’ve got an in with Marcus. We need your help. No one’s safe anymore. Come to 2505 Newhall Street tomorrow at 4 o’clock. Tell no one where you’re going. **hangs up**

Late afternoon. Introduce Ange, looking exhausted and worried, walking to Van’s apartment. She looks around, obviously very concerned. She knocks three times. Van opens the door and hurries her in. Once the door is closed the two hug and she rushes Ange into the office where Darryl and Jolu are busy at work. Van asks Darryl to fill Ange in and she returns to work with Jolu.

**Ange knocks on the door, gets pulled into the house**
Van: By showing up you’ve defied Marcus and everything he stands for. It’s been a while Ange, it’s nice to see you again.
Ange: Van? Darryl, Jolu? Is it really you guys? I can’t believe that you’re behind this. What’s this all about?
Van: We’re making a X-net virus that’s going to wipe it out. It’ll eliminate it off of every single device using it. Without the X-net, Marcus will be nothing. We need you to convince Marcus to open it on his computer, since it’s the headquarters of the X-net. Do you think you can do it?
Ange: Yes, definitely. You can count me in.

Time passes, it’s late at night, and Jolu and Van hurry and wake up Ange and Darryl and announce that it’s done. They send the link to Ange via the X-net on an anonymous e-mail and tell Ange that it’s all up to her at this point. She gives the group a sad smile and says that she’ll call them when it’s all over.

Jolu: You guys, it’s done.
Van: Ange, it’s all up to you now.
Ange: Alright, it’s time to take him down.

Show Ange walking into a massive skyscraper, obviously Marcus’s headquarters. The place is swarming with VampMobbers and Ange starts to get nervous. She goes to Marcus, tells him something is wrong and he logs onto the X-net, downloads the bug, and all of his work is destroyed. Infuriated, he tries to kill Ange. Van comes out of nowhere and shoots Marcus, killing him. She grabs Ange, and they quickly escape before anyone can see them.

Ange: Marcus, there’s something wrong.
Marcus: What is it? Make it quick I have things to do.
Ange: There’s been something going around the X-net, it’s been pretty widespread, I think that you need to look at it.
Marcus: Ange, if this is just another stupid rumor, I don’t want to hear it.
Ange: If you want things to stay as they are now, I really think you should look at it. I don’t think it’s just a rumor.
Marcus: Alright, let’s see it.
**opens virus, X-net is wiped out**
Ange: I’m sorry Marcus, you were getting to be too much of a dictator, I’m so sorry.
Marcus: You’ve ruined me. YOU’VE RUINED ME. **Attacks Ange**
Van: Marcus, back up.
Marcus: I should’ve known you were part of this Van, now I get to kill both of you. **Attacks them both, Van shoots Marcus and he falls down dead**
Van: Come on Ange, it’s all over let’s go.

2 days later. Jolu and Darryl in Van’s apartment, watching the news. The newscaster discusses how due to the death of Marcus the whole organization has fallen in on itself and that there is no longer such a major threat.

News reporter: Ever since the demolishing of the X-net, as well as the death of the dictator Marcus the VampMob as well as the entire empire has come down and the government has been able to repossess power in San Francisco and in the greater Bay Area…
Darryl: I can’t believe we did it. Congrats guys.
Jolu: Nothing would have happened without Ange, and especially without Van.
Ange: I just can’t believe we’re safe again.
Van: I’m just glad that it’s finally over.
Van again, sitting alone at Dolores park. Looks pensive, happy. Jolu, Darryl, and Ange come up to her and smile at her. They sit down, engage in a happy conversation. The camera pans out and the scene goes to black. END.

Van: It was a shame that Marcus had to end the way he did. It needed to happen though. Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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