Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Script

“Operation Black Bay”

Two years after Marcus is released from prison, he is back into his daily life of surfing the Xnet, going to school, and hanging with his parents and girlfriend. We find him on a typical day after school, sitting in his room with his computer.

Scene 1:

Marcus is sitting in his desk chair looking at his computer screen in his bedroom. Hard rock and metal posters cover his walls, his bed covers are denim blue, and his shades are down so the room is quite dark. He is typing away aggressively as he peruses the Xnet. Suddenly a window pops up on his screen from an anonymous sender.

Message: Mik3y. I need your help.

Marcus: Who is this?

Message: You can’t know that yet, you will learn in good time.

Marcus: Well… what am I even supposed to do?

Message: Marcus. You’re going to have to trust me. I know things that could change this world for the worse, and ruin the freedom of living in America.

Marcus: Well I still don’t trust randos that I’ve just met on the Xnet!

Message: Fine, here…

A link is sent to Marcus that is dated three days ago. He clicks it and a video pops up. The video shows severe haircut lady sitting at a table with some associates. The room is empty except for the people and the table.

Severe Haircut lady: Alright men, it is finally our time to act now. We must take them down from the inside. If we fail again, we will never take control of this country. And that is just not acceptable.

The video clip ends and Marcus replies to the sender

Marcus: Alright, if you just put that incriminating evidence in my hands, I know you’re not working with them. I’ll do it, where should I meet you?

Message: Corner of 22nd and Valencia, under the overpass, a car will be waiting there in exactly 30 minutes from now.

Scene 2:

Back in the same room the video was shot in, the same people are sitting in the same positions, but wearing different clothes, to show that it is a different day then the clip was filmed.

Severe Haircut Lady: Alright men, it is time to activate Operation Black Bay. The target will be taken down here (She points to a map then looks to the man at her right). Damien, you know what to do. (The man nods, and exits the room.)

Scene 3:

Marcus is under the overpass looking anxiously around. He is fidgeting and pacing, worried about what he is getting himself into. The towncar pulls up, Marcus gets in, and the car drives away. It drives through the streets of San Francisco to the Wharf where it enters what looks like a shipping factory, but turns into a tunnel leading under the Bay. The car passes by a security camera in the tunnel, but that is all that seems to be in the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, Marcus gets out and goes through a little door at the end of the tunnel.

Scene 4:

Marcus walks through the door and into a room full of computer screens, reminiscent of headquarters for the CIA or something. A man is sitting in a chair with his back to him looking at the screens. He turns around and
Marcus sees his face.

Marcus: (trembling) Mr… um… Mr President!

President: Indeed, sorry for the mysterious message over your Xnet, I just didn’t know how to reach you in any other secure way.

Marcus: Um… it’s fine… I guess this is starting to make more sense?

President: Yes, one of my sources tipped me off that the DHS means to overthrow the government, but I’m not sure how. That’s why I need you Marcus…

Marcus: To hack their server and find out what the plan is!

President: Exactly.

Marcus: Well… let’s get started.

Marcus sits at the chair the President has risen out of, logs into the computer and gets to work. About 45 minutes go by when suddenly Marcus raises his hands in celebration.

Camera cuts back to the tunnel which leads to the underground headquarters. The man, Damien, is sprinting down the tunnel dressed in all black, dodging into every shadow he can enter. He halts suddenly as he sees a security camera, pulls out a gun, shoots it, and then continues running.

Camera cuts back to headquarter room.

Marcus: I’ve got it! It’s something called… “Operation Black Bay”… weird… let me just open this up and…

He opens the file on his screen. He and the President skim it quickly.

President: Good Lord.

Marcus: (Looks at his watch) We’ve got to get out of here.

Flashes back to Damien who is nearing the door to the headquarters at a full sprint, gun out. His jacket flares open because he is running and you can see a bomb strapped to his chest.

President: (On his earpiece) Secret Service do you read me? Do you read me? The eagle must fly. The eagle must fly NOW.

Secret Service bursts in through an adjoining door and half rush to the President while the other half run to another door and hurl it open. A ladder of some sort seems to be inside.

President: Quick Marcus, up the ladder!

Marcus: No Mr President, you first!

Secret Service seems to agree as they grab the president and bring him toward the ladder. Marcus follows immediately after. They climb up the ladder which continues for approximately 50 feet, and reach a hatch. Secret service opens it, and pulls the President up through it.

President: Marcus! Come through here. He offers his hand down to pull Marcus up.

Marcus: Whoa… Are you kidding me? Are we in the bay?

They have entered the bottom level of a submarine, secret service closes the hatch and they all go up some stairs to a higher level where another hatch gets closed after they enter.

Cuts to Damien, finally bursting into the room, and the look of shock on his face when he realizes they have escaped. A second later he and the room explode, and a huge shift occurs in the submarine and everyone either falls over or loses their balance.

Scene 5:

Secret Service #1: Mr President, we are in motion, the eagle is safe sir. The eagle is safe.

President: Thank you, great job men. Marcus, thank you. Without you, that bomber would have successfully assassinated me.

Marcus: Oh.. well no I mean not really… well maybe… Okay you’re welcome.

Marcus seems to stop, and think for a second.

Marcus: Mr President. I think we need to tell someone about this… I mean I know you could do something about it but I think you need the public’s support if you were to shut down the DHS.

President: You’re right, but who will believe us? I’m sure the DHS has deleted that file now that they’ve figured out we escaped… Sadly son, we have no proof. There is nothing we can do except wait for their next attack.

Marcus: Pardon me sir, I mean no disrespect, but I think you are wrong.

President: Oh? Enlighten me… Please.

Marcus pulls something out of his pocket and shows it to the President.

President: Ohhh, I see! Where should we put this?

Marcus: I think I have just the place…

Scene 5:

A newspaper montage occurs. The headlines say things like “Mik3y Saves the World Again”, “President Dodges Assassination”, “Thumbdrive Incriminates DHS”, “America: Safe from our own Defense?” The photos show Severe haircut lady behind bars, and pictures of the devastated tunnel.

Scene 6:

Zooms in on a news station office, through the window, and to a room where Marcus is sitting facing Barbara at her desk.

Marcus: Thanks for breaking that story Barbara, we couldn’t have exposed the DHS without you.

Barbara: Well it’s sort of become my job by now hasn’t it? (chuckles) You truly are a hero Marcus. Our country will never forget you and what you have done.

Marcus: Well… I don’t really know what to say to that except… Thanks Barbara. Thanks.

*screen dissolves to black*

*Credits roll*

Blog 100 Words:
This is my fourth revision of my script. This time around, I tried to edit out as many words as I could, and add more shots and scene descriptions. I think this will add to the simplicity, yet efficacy of my script. I think that the less dialogue there is, the more action there can be, which relates to an audience better. This story remixes the story of Little Brother to see what would happen if the DHS were never truly conquered. It also examines the character of Marcus to see how he would react to having to work with an authoritative figure, and emphasizes that not all authoritative figures are bad.

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