Monday, May 2, 2011

Pitch (revised)

[A very professional, impersonal office inside of a rundown yet overly cleaned jail, minimal furniture is around with no decorations, gives off an uncomfortable feel]
Ange and Severe Hair Cut Lady have a private meeting in an office. Ange tells SHCL to inform Marcus about the details of "Operation Seduction." SHCL hesitates but leaves the room anyways. Marcus is released from his cell, escorted by two large guards that move in a robotic manner, looking malnourished and with urine stains all over the pants of his jumpsuit. Severe Hair Lady sits Marcus down in an interrogation room. She tells Marcus (with no remorse but a slight smile on her face) that Ange is a double agent working for the DHS. SHCL smirks and leaves the room. Marcus does not believe her and thinks that SHCL is just messing with his head. Marcus is truly under the impression that SHCL is trying to get under his skin and cause him to tell the DHS all of his secrets. He sits calmly, clearly somewhat adapted to the ways of Gitmo-by-the-Bay. That is when Ange walks into the room. Marcus runs to hug her and hold her and ask her how she possibly got in there, forgetting about what SHCL told him. It takes him a long moment before he realizes Ange is not moving beneath his arms or kissing him back. Then his heart drops into his stomach as Ange smiles a vicious smile he is not used to. He realizes that she is no longer dressed in teenage punk rock clothes but rather in professional and military-esque pant suit. He backs up against the wall in fear, not able to grasp what just happened. When Ange knows that Marcus has learned the truth she leaves smiles a wide and malevolent smile and turns on her heel and exits the room.
[Ange's memory]
[Ange is walking down the street of a city or residential area. Either chaos or extreme quiet on the streets]
A flashback of Ange's starts to play. Terrorists have just attacked San Francisco, the city that Ange has grown up in.
[Ange's house is pleasant from the outside, but upon entering the once immaculately clean home is a war zone with food and garbage and evidence of destruction all over]
Through the crowded streets Ange rushes home to find her baby brother alone, father drinking himself in his sorrows, and learns her mother died in the attack. She goes haywire and decides to single handedly find those responsible for the attack. She does not know where to start or what to do, but she figures her computer hacking skills will lead her to those that want to go undetected. Eventually, although her efforts were unsuccessful, the DHS catches up with her and recruits her to work for them. She is told to work as a double agent and catch those rebellious teenagers on the Xnet responsible for the attacks. The screen will go back to present and show Ange with the same malicious smile on her face and show the look of horror on Marcus' face in the background as he tries to sort through his revelation and try to find a way out of Gitmo-by-the-Bay.

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