Sunday, May 1, 2011

fat man

Fat man

This story looks at the story of Little Brother from the perspective of Charles. Marcus tells us that Charles is an annoying tattle tale, but little to Marcus's knowledge Charles is actually a crime fighting vigilante. Charles also believes that everything the DHS is doing is wrong so he too is out to stop them. Aware of everything that Marcus is doing on the Xnet, charles is also an Xnetter but knows he could never reveal this to Marcus and the rest of the Xnetters because he has to keep a low profile. To do this Charles still acts like a tattle tale making it possible for him to never have the DHS after him because he makes the impression that he is the perfect citizen. With the cover of darkness to hide under Charles takes to the streets in his spandex super hero suit. Unfortunately for Charles he isn't quite as chiseled as other super hero vigilantes we have come to love; in fact Charles is just plain fat. Where Charles lacks in athletic ability he makes up for persistence however. Charles is the peaceful type and only takes to violence when needed. His main mission is to expose the DHS for everything they are doing that is unconstitutional. To do this Charles busts several missions to the DHS secret jail equipped with only a go pro strapped to his helmet and a regular camera with a long lens to capture everything severe haircut lady and her posy are up too. Charles's first 2 mission to the jail he surveys looking for ways in and take plenty of video and pictures. On his last mission to the secret jail Charles tries to make it through the vents to film and listen in on what is going on in jail. Everything is going great till he climbs a little too far finding that he is now stuck due to his bulging stomach. While trying to get out he falls through one of the vents the vent onto the interrogation desk of severe haircut lady while she is interrogating Daryl! An epic battle commences. Charles is forced to use his coveted blinding mayonnaise gun to subdue severe haircut lady. Unfortunately she is the least of his problems and he has to fight off several more guards. Just when it seems Charles and Daryl are home free they see 3 more guards in there way. Charles picks off one with the mayonnaise gun but the other 2 start to fire them, Daryl gets hit in the shoulder. Charles takes down one but get knocked down by the other and is held at gun point. Right when the guard is about to pull the trigger, Daryl heroically finds a conveniently placed crow bar and knocks the guard out. They are free and Charles takes Daryl home to his father. They cry and stuff and there's a touching reunion, then they got to the police explain everything and the police go arrest the rest of the DHS.

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