Monday, May 2, 2011

Step Outline?...

Scene 1: Marcus's room, computer screen is open, he is sitting in his chair when he gets a message and is told where to meet the anonymous sender.

Scene 2: Marcus walks to the meeting place, and stands under an overpass as he waits for the sender. A town car arrives and the driver instructs Marcus to get in.

Scene 3: The town car takes him to an underground tunnel that leads under the Bay. Marcus arrives at a door, and the driver tells him to go on in.

Scene 4: The President of the United States of America is sitting in the room and is the anonymous sender. He needs Marcus's help to hack into the DHS server and find out what their plan is to take over the US. Marcus hacks it and finds a file that says they are going to assasinate the president and take over the government.

Scene 5: Secret service suddenly bursts into the room and yells that a bomber is headed into the tunnel. Marcus and the President are escorted up a ladder which leads into an emergency submarine and they escape right before the bomb goes off.

Scene 6: Marcus and the President go to Barbara, tell their story, and expose the DHS.

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