Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Final Edit of Screenplay

Screen is black, quote comes up that reads “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship”

Four years later, Van, now 21, sitting by herself at Dolores Park looking pensive, a little sad. Sits there for a while, leans against a tall statue of Marcus. She gets up, walks away out of the shot.

Van: He was a hero when he brought the DHS down
Darryl: no one thought Marcus would turn into the tyrant that he is today.
Jolu: When he started turning into a dictator no one knew what to do.
Darryl: I’m starting to think that it’s time to bring him down
Van: and I know exactly how to do it.

Early afternoon, on the wharf, Van sitting by herself, Jolu and Darryl join her, they start to discuss how to bring Marcus down. As they talk more people join them and the full resistance group is shown.
Van: I know how to bring Marcus down.
Darryl: How?
Van: By taking down the X-net
Jolu: If we take down the X-net, we take down his entire empire.
Extra1: Jolu, you can make the ultimate X-net virus.
Extra2: And Darryl, you can figure out how to get it to her!
Van: Great planning, we can do this.
Van’s apartment. Van and Jolu at one computer programming. People keep coming to them giving excuses about not being able to give Marcus the virus until Darryl brings up Ange, how she could possibly be help, that even though they haven’t talked in a while, ever since her and Marcus had broken up that she’d probably be willing. They contact her and she agrees.

Extra1: I would give Marcus the virus… but there’s so many risks involved…
Extra2: And I’ve got kids and a family, I can’t lose that.
Darryl: Ange will do it.
Van: What?
Darryl: Ange will do it. I just got in contact with her. She’s in.
Jolu: Bring her here tomorrow.
Darryl: Done
Next day. Late afternoon. Ange walking up to Van’s house, a particularly humble looking place, not very attention grabbing. Knocks and is let in. Van quickly debriefs her as Jolu finishes the virus. Once it is done they hand it off to Ange and tell her what to do. They give her a gun just in case anything goes wrong and tell her to go the next day. She complies and goes on her way..

**Ange knocks on the door, gets let in by Van**
Van: Thanks for coming Ange, you’re helping a lot of people.
Ange: Just doing what I can.
Van: What you’re doing is very dangerous, so we’re going to supply you with protection **hands over gun**
Ange: A little more dangerous than I thought.
Van: Marcus is more than dangerous now.
Jolu: **walks into the shot** Here it is, I just finished it. **Hands over virus to Ange** It should be able to fully wipe out every part of the X-net everywhere.
Ange: And all I need to do is just get it onto his computer?
Van: Yup. Run it on there, and it should be able to work. Then you just need to worry about leaving.
Ange: Consider it done.
Van: Thank you, Ange. You’re doing everyone a great help.

Show Ange walking into a massive skyscraper, obviously Marcus’s headquarters. The building appears to be relatively empty, which is what leaves Ange feeling particularly anxious. She walks to Marcus’s office, which is vacant. She quickly rushes to the computer and downloads the X-net virus. Once the virus has run its course, Ange goes to leave in which she encounters Marcus. He realizes what she’s done and tries to kill her but she pulls out the gun Van gave her and shoots Marcus, who falls down dead. She quickly leaves the building and calls Van and tells her it’s over.

Ange: Dang, the place is pretty empty…
**Walks through building into Marcus’s office**
Ange: Wow, this is gonna be easier than I thought.
**Walks to Marcus’s computer and starts to download the virus.
Ange: would you like to install… yes. Looks like I’m done.
**Starts to walk towards door but Marcus comes in and stops her**
Marcus: It’s been a while Ange.
Ange: Ma.. Marcus. Hi.
Marcus: Do you think that wiping out the X-net is going to do anything? I can just make another one, a better one.
Ange: You’ve gone down a bad path Marcus, you need help.
Marcus: I don’t need anything. If I need anything right now, it’s for you to get out of my office whether you want to or not. **Lunges at Ange in an attempt to kill her. Ange pulls out her gun and shoots him**
Ange: You don’t need anything, anymore
**Runs out of the vacant office building**
Ange: **On cell phone** Van? It’s done.

Van’s apartment. Darryl, Jolu, and Van watching the news, extras walking around the apartment. Ange walks in and everyone congratulates her on a job well done, camera pans out and scene goes to black and you can only hear the news reporter talking about Marcus’s death.

News reporter: There seems to have been a shooting at the headquarters of international superpower Marcus Yallow…
**Ange storms in, everyone stands and gathers around her**
Van: You did it, I can’t believe you did it
Darryl: Everyone is safe because of you, Ange.
Jolu: Thank you so much.
**camera pans out, everyone huddling together as the News reporter becomes the only voice**
News reporter: I’ve just received word of the death of Marcus Yallow, and thus an era ends, as well as a new era emerges…

Van sitting at Dolores park looking happy. Jolu, Darryl, Ange, and the Extras come up to her, and they all greet each other warmly. They look into the distance and all go walking together, off the screen.

Van: What happened needed to happen. As Lord Acton would put it, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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